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Breaking News 04 December 2015: ClickandBuy

ClickandBuy, the company formerly known as Firstgate, has announced their closing of business in the first half of 2016. When News.Individual.NET started up, many of our users made use of ClickandBuy to enter into a self-renewing subscription, which will need to be converted to one of our remaining payment options, PayPal and EU bank transfer.

While we are currently waiting for definitive information from ClickandBuy, we expect having to convert all self-renewing subscriptions with renewal dates after 01 February 2016 to one-time payments. Affected users will receive an e-mail when their account has been converted, as well as the usual two reminder e-mails for pre-paid accounts in due time before expiry.

IMPORTANT: The closing of ClickandBuy does not mean any loss of usage time already paid for! It will only affect the options for future payments.

Users not wanting to wait for the conversion can switch to one-time payments at any time as explained in our FAQ. The FAQ also explains how the information in the "My Account" section of our website can be used to find out if an account is affected by the closing of ClickandBuy. "My Account" is also the place to update the e-mail address we use for administrative communication.

For our users valuing the convenience of automatic renewals, we are sorry that we will not be able to offer equivalent functionality in the future. However, some banks offer standing orders with a yearly frequency. Alternatively, the usage fee for several years can be transferred en bloc - this may also make bank transfers a viable option for users outside the Euro area, where bank charges may be significant.

We are wishing all our users happy holidays!

The team at News.Individual.NET

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